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TCDX9 is a set of wrapper classes on Direct3D9 to be used with Borland-CodeGear C++ Builder.
The functionality of each class code is documented on . Example source code will be found at the same website.
The goal is to create a set of components for C++ Builder.
Plan to expand and to Direct3D10 in the future when Vista capable hardware reach the speed of current XP capable hardware with the today's cost.
You can get the current source code here.
DirectSound source code added October 9 2008.
The code is complete because the article is excluded some defines.
Download from HERE.
Main Features:
1. Parametrical Antialiasing.
A car displayed without setting Anti-Alias feature.
Memory usage on top left corner.
And with Anti-Aliasing feature turned on.
Memory usage on top left corner.
2. Advanced Lights.