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Joker Hold'Em
Joker Hold'Em is an variation of Texas Hold'Em with the addition of two Jokers. The application will be created using C++ Builder and will be covered in detail at http://bcbjournal.org. It will be a network game and not a stand alone application. We will use Direct3D with the wrapper classes developed so far and if you didn't allready download the current version goto here and download.

September 2008:

Initial Design. See the photo:
Here you can see a TForm and:
1. A TControlBar contain 4 TBitBtns.
2. A TPanel Component Contain a TListBox, a TLabeledEdit and a TMemo controls.
3. A TAdvSplitter component. This is a third party component and comes from TMS Software as freeware without source code. If you register and buy a licence you will get full source code. Can be found here - TMSScoftware - or here - Delphi32.com. Download and install.

The application is created with C++ Builder 6 and the source code for this chapter is here.

What we done in this chapter is just create the main form initialize and use Direct3D and VCL controls in the same application. We are setting the lower size of the form in 640x480.